Open each property to a bigger and more willing investor pot.

Get your property sold to crypto currency holders and get paid in fiat currency.

  • Supported by our extensive Market knowledge.
  • Sell your property and get pay instantly.
  • Simple process. Easy as it should be.
  • You don’t have to be a currency expert, we are.

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Get your client to pay with

  • Utrust (UTK)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • DigiByte (DGB)
  • Dash
Collect your money instantly in USD, Euro, GBP

How it works

  • Register your property or development with Arms &McGregor International.
  • Your property or project will be enrolled and marketed to Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) holders as well as every one else.
  • Get increased exposure.
  • Get better results.

Why offer your property to crypto currency holders.

Why loose on a 4 to 600 billion USD pot of buyers. You used to avoid accepting Crypto holders as, you may not be into Crypto, you can’t understand it and understand if it is secure enough and you always wanted to avoid the volatility of Crypto currencies. Now you can do this with none of those headaches and receive your money in your every day currency. Crypto holders are usually willing investors who need a use case for their currency.

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