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Real Estate Investing in the Age of Bitcoin (and other Cryptocurrencies) - Cryptocurrencies, Real Estate

Crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum) needed a solid use case.

Real estate markets are always hungry for new money in whatever form it arrives. It sucks plenty of cash and allows millionaires a route out of a successful winning trade into a safe haven, securing the already made profits and wealth and developing it further.

Companies over the last few years started searching for ways to give crypto currency holders mainly the likes of Bitcoin and Ethereum the ability to purchase real estate directly out of their crypto positions. Some succeeded others failed as challenges stay immense at both sides of the table.

Some of the biggest challenges are:

Crypto volatility: a seller selling his property for a million USD worth of bitcoin may end up with 800,000 USD if Bitcoin dropped after the transaction took place and prior to him liquidating the coins into Fiat currency.

None regulated market: as regulators struggle with dos and don’ts around crypto sellers of property need to end up with cash that is routed through and to highly regulated entities after receiving the proceeds.

None familiarity: Real-estate sellers are sometimes traditional investors with old money or very hard earned money and will not accept the idea of selling a tangible asset for a currency that seems none real to them.

We at Arms &McGregor international realty dealt with those challenges as follows:

Removing the exchange rate risk, making volatility obsolete. Crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) holders can now purchase property using their coins while the seller receives fiat currency at the same moment in his bank account.

Regulation compliant: using a company regulated by one of the most regulated jurisdictions to protect all stake holders in a transaction be it individual sellers and buyers or developers and institutions.

Trading within the boundaries of the familiar. Sellers will never need to understand or trade crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum). A Seller is simply receiving fiat to his account and has no need to even have a crypto wallet.

Arms &McGregor international realty Partnered with Utrust Switzerland AG a Swiss regulated leading crypto currency (Bitcoin, Ethereum) payment solution designed to modernize the finance and payment industry.

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